Top 5 inspirational gap year ideas

Top 5 inspirational gap year ideas

A lot of students are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a gap year vacation plan. It can be tough knowing which is the best option for you. If you're stuck for ideas, or if you just have too many great options and don’t know where to start, these gap year concepts see you travel all around the world. They might just inspire you and help you find the gap year of your dreams!

1. Adventure travel

After a hard year hitting the books, you might be feeling a little desperate to get out and see the world. Adventure travel is one of the most popular gap year ideas as it’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone with some adrenaline-pumping sports and activities!

For a gap year filled with adventure, consider hiking across the Himalayas or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You can go on a wildlife safari in Kenya or trek across Thailand. If water sports are more your thing, there’s always white-water rafting on the Nile in Uganda, diving in Lake Malawi or surfing off the coast of South Africa.

There are endless possibilities that offer non-stop excitement! Start with the ideas above and see if further research might help you discover more exciting opportunities. Just make sure that you go through a trustworthy business and make sure they have all the essential security precautions covered.

2. Volunteering

Another popular gap year idea is to offer a helping hand to those in need and make a difference where it matters most. There are loads of charitable options out there so you can find one that suites you best. The main appeal for most is the chance to help others while also experiencing something new in a seldom seen corner of the world. You’ll also have the chance to meet other like-minded people who just want to lend a helping hand while creating life-long memories.

There are tonnes of programs that allow you to help multiple charitable efforts. For example, you might pick to teach English while helping the local community organise sports activities. The only limit is your imagination and determination!

Is there a limit to the time I can be covered?

Policies vary in this regard. If you think you might extend your gap year for any reason, make sure your insurance provider offers the chance to extend your policy at a later date. Trust-worthy insurance providers will offer coverage for the full time you’re away and allow you to renegotiate contracts should you want to extend the duration of your coverage.

Volunteering is a hugely satisfying experience, but it can also be challenging. We advise choosing a volunteering gap year plan which has a program leader in the country where you'll be based. That way you have someone there to assist if you need it and they can help familiarize you with your new surroundings.

3. Teaching

You may like the concept of teaching while on your gap year, this is a great alternative for getting important work experience whilst having an amazing time. If you select a program with more flexibility, you can have a say in which subjects you want to teach. This way your work relevant to your interests and even to your future career.

More than likely, you’ll find a community of fellow teachers as teaching abroad is a very popular among university students, so you don’t have to worry about finding yourself alone. Teaching is also an amazing way to socialise with locals and learnt he local culture in a way that many other visitors never experience.

Am I permitted any return trips under a gap year insurance policy?

Gap year insurance policies often one or more return trips for a limited period of time. The policy will be suspended whilst you're back home and will resume when you are away once again. You need to be sure not overstay the maximum amount of time that you can remain at home, as your policy might expire if you exceed this.

4. Live someplace new

A lot of high-school leavers think gap years are all about travelling, but not a lot consider moving somewhere permanently. This is one the best ways to experience a country as you acquire so much more insight into the culture compared to those just passing by.

Instead of living in hostels, you can find yourself a comfortable apartment, buy food from local marketplaces and meet your neighbours over a cup of tea. relocating somewhere new, be it for a year or more, gives you an opportunity to learn an entirely brand-new way of living.

5. Learning

One of the most best things about taking a gap year is the opportunity to learn new things about the world. That means doesn't just mean learning new abilities and different languages and discovering more about the world and your place in it.

Get out there!

A gap year can change your perspective on everyday things that you take for granted. It can make appreciate the life you have at home and all the opportunities offered to you. it can also help prepare you for the next step in life, be it to uni or work. So, get out there and learn something new about yourself!

‘Travel is not without risk. The risk needs to be kept to a minimum acceptable level without eliminating the sense of fulfilment for individuals’